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4 Excellent Fitness Christmas Gifts

Are you fighting to find a great Christmas present for someone this year? If so add a fitness twist fastest way to lose weight for men; research by the staff of Lamag, your Christmas shopping with these 4 fitness Christmas gifts. All of the items on this list are not merely excellent presents but will in addition enable the recipient to become more active in the new Year.

1) FITDECK: FitDeck is a pair of playing cards with a positive change. Instead of containing jacks, kings and queens each card has a workout for the person to perform. All of the workout routines are available in 3 levels; beginner, intermediate and advanced which makes FitDeck an excellent fitness Christmas present for people in both ends of the fitness scale. Those people who are just starting out are able to see from the workouts which FitDeck gives whilst more experienced people are able to make use of FitDeck to put in a bit of variety to their existing exercise regime. FitDeck is also little adequate to put in a pocket meaning that the recipient can hold the cards with them always and make use of them whenever they’ve a no cost minute.

Two) HEART RATE MONITOR:- A pulse rate monitor is another fantastic fitness Christmas present for both health and fitness newbies as well as hard core gym goers. Fitness newbies can make use of the heart rate monitor to measure the impact of exercising on their heart rate. Hard core gym goers can use the heart rate monitor in conjunction with the cardiovascular devices in the gym and determine any changes as they exercise.

3) SKIPPING ROPE:- A skipping rope may sound like a rather simple fitness Christmas gift. Nonetheless, they’ve become a great deal more sophisticated in recent years. You are able to today get electronic ropes which tell you how many calories you’ve burned during a workout and even ropes that talk to you when you skip. Since skipping is a relatively easy exercise it is a wonderful gift to introduce a whole new starter to exercise. A skipping rope is also a great gift for fitness enthusiasts as skipping burns a huge 750 calories an hour.

Four) WEIGHT LIFTING GLOVES: Weight lifting gloves are a staple piece of gym equipment. They stop the weights from rubbing against the people hands, enable them to obtain an even better grip on the weights and lower strain on the wrists. Despite all these advantages, many regular gym goers hardly ever get round to purchasing these gym essentials. Therefore if you grasp a person who visits the workout room on a frequent basis but does not yet wear a pair of body weight lifting gloves, get them some of these as a useful health Christmas gift.


In case you will still have a little last minute presents to get I’m hoping this summary of fitness Christmas gifts provides some ideas. The presents on this particular list are suitable for people of health and fitness levels will be a perfect gift for virtually all folks.

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