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5 Preparation Before Jogging

5 Preparation Before Jogging

Sport is one of the main conditions for a healthy lifestyle. For optimal benefits, you must exercise regularly at least 3 times a week, for 45 minutes each. Of the various physical exercises, light jogging or jogging is still the most popular sport. No wonder, because jogging is easy and can be done by anyone. Even though it’s not a difficult physical exercise, there are some preparations that you must do in order to run comfortably and avoid injury. Here are 5 important preparations before jogging dont forget to visit the buenosairescorre

1. Fill the Stomach First

In order to have enough energy and avoid sudden hunger pangs, you need to eat at least 1-2 hours before jogging. Give time lag because eating right before exercise will actually give you a feeling of discomfort in the stomach. Choices of light intake but rich in complex carbohydrates and protein, such as a bowl of oatmeal with pieces of fruit or processed simple pasta with sliced chicken breast.

2. Just Drink

Even though you will feel thirsty again when you run, you still have to make sure your body is properly hydrated before running. If you plan to jog for more than 45 minutes, don’t forget to bring a bottle or drinking equipment specifically designed for running to keep your body hydrated while running.

3.The Right Outfit

Clothing plays a big role in providing comfort when exercising. Wear clothes that are not too tight, porous, and can absorb sweat, such as materials that contain polypropylene or Coolmax and Supplex materials. Avoid cotton, as they tend to get wet when you sweat and can be uncomfortable. No less important, use the right shoes to support your movement.

4. Get to know the track

Understanding the running track is important so you can anticipate everything. Find out if the road is slippery, uphill, or winding. If you know your running path is an open field and not a residential complex filled with shady trees, you will automatically prepare sunglasses, right? Equally important, choose a running area that is familiar to you.

5. Don’t forget to warm up

So that your muscles don’t get shocked and avoid injury, don’t forget to do a light warm-up for about 5 minutes before jogging, such as walking combined with lifting your knees or high knees and various other similar movements. Warming up aims to relax and increase muscle flexibility, as well as dilate blood vessels so that more oxygen flows to the muscles.

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