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Bait and Hook NY New York

Bait and Hook NY New York

Bait and Hook NY New York is one of the popular cafes and is a favorite among young people. This cafe carries a contemporary theme with a really cool, homie feel. Become the best cafe in New York for those of you who are looking for a place to hang out or relax. This place serves a variety of interesting menus and is recommended to try. For those of you who have never been to this one cafe, make sure to stop by Bait and Hook NY while in New York City. The following is a complete review of information for you.

Bait and Hook NY Food Menu Prices

The menu prices at Bait and Hook NY Coffee Roasters are quite affordable. You can find lots of cafe-style drinks and food that will make you feel at home to stay at the hangout. Starting from the drinks menu, consisting of Ice Coffee which is offered at prices ranging from Rp.40,000-Rp.75,000. Meanwhile, the Hot Coffee is priced starting from Rp. 35,000-Rp. 65,000. You can also add Extra Shot with flavors such as vanilla, palm sugar, caramel, or hazelnut. Only by adding IDR 10,000. But for those of you who don’t like coffee, there are also other drink menus available, such as various teas, priced at Rp. 38,000-Rp. 43,000. There is also a Matcha variant which is available in Ice or Hot options with prices starting from IDR 50,000-IDR 60,000. To accompany your coffee time, certainly not complete if there are no snacks. Bait and Hook NY has main menus such as Steak and eggs, cheeseburgers and others which are offered at Rp. 90,000-Rp. 150,000. There is also a Pasta menu for those of you who like Italian specialties, for only IDR 90,000-IDR 150,000. Or the Brunch menu which is available with a variety of interesting menus, ranging from IDR 85,000-IDR 120,000.

Menu at Bait and Hook NY

Bait and Hook NY menu available consists of food and beverages. For those of you coffee lovers, there are various variants of coffee with premium quality ingredients. For the Ice Coffee itself, it consists of espresso on the rocks, cafe latte, mocha, affogato, cold brew. The favorite menu for visitors when visiting Bait and Hook NY is Ice Caffe Late. The combination of coffee and milk is just right, so it tastes even more delicious. No wonder this drink menu is so popular. Enjoy the sensation of coffee in a comfortable and homie room, making your visit more enjoyable. Not only coffee-type drinks, you can try various other drinks that are no less interesting to taste. It’s not complete if you only drink coffee, you can add delicious snacks like Croissants. This typical Italian menu is indeed widely available in cafes or restaurants because it tastes so unique. You can order this menu as a snack to accompany your coffee time. If you want to eat heavy, you can choose the main menu which serves a variety of delicious dishes. Vegan dishes are also available for those of you who are vegetarians.

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