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List of Most Popular Mexican Food Available At Lcbc Restaurant

List of Most Popular Mexican Food Available At Lcbc Restaurant


The first choice is a burrito which is very popular there. Not only tourists who hunt for this food but many local residents also like it. This burrito has a resemblance to a Turkish kebab but the filling is quite different. Burritos use more meat filling and there is bean paste which is rolled up using a tortilla.

Burrito is usually a lunch menu for local Mexicans. Apart from meat and bean paste, there are other ingredients used to make this dish. Starting from chicken meat and various types of vegetables. All of this burrito filling will be placed on the tortilla as a wrapper. The tortilla will usually be baked briefly so that the texture becomes softer.


Continue to traditional Mexican food called Chilaquiles. These Chilaquiles are very similar to nachos but the portions are much larger and more filling because there are additional eggs and shredded chicken. Very suitable as a main meal menu.

Corn tortillas are usually cut into quarters and then sprinkled with various kinds of toppings. Starting from scrambled eggs, shredded chicken, red salsa or green salsa, with cheese and sour cream. The concept is similar to nachos and the taste is almost the same.


The next typical Mexican food is Tacos. Tacos are food consisting of tortilla bread with meat filling, you can also choose the type of meat you like such as beef, pork, chicken with vegetable fillings such as lettuce, tomatoes and then topped with cheese. To complement this meal, you can choose between guacamole sauce or salsa sauce to add to the taste.


Fajita is a typical Mexican food. Fajita is a meat-based food, the way to process this meat is by grilling it on a hot pan. For those of you who want to enjoy this fajita, you can choose the type of meat you want, the type of meat that is usually used in this dish is beef, chicken, or you can also use seafood. There is no doubt about the delicacy of this type of food, because fajita is a Mexican food that is worldwide.


Another typical Mexican food is tamales. This dish is actually a traditional Central American food made from corn flour dough and wrapped in leaves. Then, the dough is steamed or boiled.

Tamales are usually eaten with various fillings or mixed according to taste, ranging from meat, fruit, chilies, cheese, and vegetables. In Mexico, this food is often present on holidays, such as Christmas and Mexican Independence Day.


Just like burritos, enchiladas are made from tortillas that are rolled up to cover the filling. The difference lies only in the way it is served, namely this food is doused with sauce.

The enchiladas use a lot of chili sauce. However, of course, Shopee Friends can create this Mexican specialty with various other sauces, such as cheese, tomato, peanuts or salsa sauce. The reason is, this typical food will taste more tempting if eaten with sauce.


Churros are one of the most popular Mexican foods. This food is made from a dough of flour, butter, sugar and fried milk. The process of making churros is similar to eclairs or choux pastry except that the dough is fried. After that, churros are served with a sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar or with chocolate sauce.

So how are you interested in the typical Mexican cuisine menu. If you want to taste the food but you are lazy to go out of the house. Relax, we also provide home delivery services or order online by click here.

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