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Most Favorite Seafood Restaurant in Jakarta  

Most Favorite Seafood Restaurant in Jakarta

Seafood restaurants in Jakarta are always full of visitors. Many people like seafood or seafood. While some may not be completely satisfied with one or two seafood dishes, most people love seafood. Some people already know that seafood is high in protein and rich in fiber. It’s just that, not all light seafood is processed. Well, some seafood restaurants in Jakarta understand how to cook seafood that is guaranteed to taste really good. Most Favorite Seafood Restaurant in Jakarta, Guaranteed Very Delicious

1. Djakarta City

This seafood restaurant in Jakarta provides a wide variety of fresh seafood. With a display with a fish market concept, fresh seafood choices ranging from fish to other types of sea creatures are here. In addition, you can also choose how the seafood is served. A cozy place makes you enjoy the atmosphere more and also eats your food with gusto. What’s interesting about Bandar Djakarta is the visible coastline. The beautiful scenery that is located next to the restaurant is a favorite place for many people. It’s no wonder that many people come to enjoy the food and the beautiful scenery.

2. Seafood Wiro Sableng 212

Admirers of seafood must come to this seafood restaurant in Jakarta, namely Seafood Wiro Sableng 212. The name confiscated comes from a popular folklore that was famous in its time. This concept is the main attraction for customers who come to order seafood at the restaurant.

What was mouthwatering was the crab along with black pepper. This crab dish is cooked twice. Crabs can be burned first, then proceed to the frying process. This causes the condition of the crab meat to become soft and the crab shells to open more easily.

3.Seafood City

The restaurant is a restaurant that is also managed by Bandar Djakarta. This seafood restaurant has a plan that is not much different from Bandar Djakarta. Serving seafood and a place that is very close to the beach makes you enjoy your meal more with your family, partner or colleagues. The seafood served is a type of quality sea creatures. These sea creatures were confiscated from several countries, such as Alaska, Canada, Australia, South Korea, and Indonesia itself. The latest experience when you enjoy your food is that this restaurant building is built on a 1,500 meter pier. rectangle. Your dining experience is even more exciting with the latest conditions at the restaurant.

4. Relax Night 1001 Seafood

The next seafood restaurant in Jakarta is Santai Malam 1001 Seafood. have a delicious taste. The restaurant is located in Kelapa Gading. Seafood dishes come in a variety of flavors. The menu served is varied. However, make sure you ask for the price of your order because you can’t get a price range in the menu.

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